Picklehead Music Presents: Dan Chopin

Comedy songs and stand-up from one of the country's most popular stand-up comics. Titles include "Get Off The Phone And Drive", "Mobile Home man", "Drinking And Driving", "Surfing With A Woody" and more. Dan Chopin has appeared on HBO, Showtime, MTV, and PBS. The St. Louis Dispatch says..."It's a treat...some of the funniest songs and stand-up released on record since the 70s!"  

A Real Stand-Up Guy  (CD - $12.95)--Comedy Songs and Live Stand-Up
(STAND-UP) Airlines * The Bus * Rental Cars & Cops * Gambling * Health * Catholics & Hunters * Acid Rescue & Mom * Bachelors & Weddings
(COMEDY SONGS) Get Off the Phone and Drive * Mobile Home Man * Surfing With A Woody *
Hearty Cup Of Joe* Brad & Heather * Drinking & Driving * Japanese Blues

Audio Samples (MP3):

The Bus       Get Off The Phone And Drive     Japanese Blues

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