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One of the finest acoustic guitar duos in America!
featuring: Jammin Jimmy & Stevie Guitar

The guitars are crisp and have a vocal quality, seeming to transport the listener to another place."
                                                                                      Laurence Washington - Boulder Camera

....Although both Jimmy and Stevie are originally from New York, they met in the mid 70's
in Colorado. Introduced through a mutual friend, both were involved in other music projects
but still found the time to get together and jam. It was through these jams that the seeds of
blue-age music were planted.

It wasn't until 1989 that they got together in a band later known as Borrowed Time, and in
1991 released a cd under that name. The bands signature sound was all Jimmy and Stevie,
intricate driving guitar harmonies. In 1994 they left Borrowed Time to form Acoustic Food
Chain. In this duo format, Jimmy and Stevie were able to develop their blue-age sound,
a blend of folk, blues, and jazz. Their unique sound maintains a familiar feel to it regardless
of the style of music.

Although the Acoustic Food Chain is no longer currently performing, this terrific CD remains.
You can order it here.

song titles: I've Been Carrying A Torch For You So Long I Burnt
My Fingers * Slipping Away * Apt #3 * Where's Chet? *
Ain't Gonna Cry Me No River * Little Nico * Triapathy *
Run And Hide * Rozie's On Easy Street

Samples (MP3)

Apartment #3 - an instrumental
Where's Chet? - an instrumental song that would do Chet Atkins proud.
Ain't Gonna Cry Me No River - a vocal sample

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