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BRAND NEW!  Love, Fish and Sausages

One Minute Song Volume 1   One Minute Song Volume 2   Sounds Like Fun

  Songs From the CD "Love, Fish and Sausages"

Download the entire album (21 Songs!) for just $12.99!  


She Drove Me To Drinkin':                  Glad A Lot:           

My Girlfriend Spontaneously Combusted:             Ratzenberger's       

Fish Cannery:            Bluegrass              The Possum Song:       

Twenty-Three Seven:            Sausage:           Half This Song:     

Fake I.D.:           Bobby's Chicken Shack:             Faith Hill:      

Irish Lullaby:            I Text My Ex:         

Things I Do While I Drive:           Vehicle Man:             My Lullaby-Bye:      

Christmas Wrap:           Worst Damn Birthday:            My Dog Don't Like Christmas:      

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   Songs From the CD "One Minute Song Volume 1"

Download the entire album (29 Songs!) for just $12.99!    


Sosa:                  American Woman:                Fry Up An Eagle:      

Go To Mass:             Yellow Ex-Marine / This Song Blew / Dewey Dewey       

Millionaire Rap:            Super Bowl '99              My Governor:       

Give Beef A Chance:            60 Second Home Run:            500 Miles:     

Yam Boy:           Midnight Train:             My Halloween Costume:      

7 Second Songs:            My Favorite Things:           Thanks For the Seventy:       

Home Run # 65:           Some Weeks:             99 Dead Baboons:      

Petroleum:           Viagra:            The Bible Factory Outlet:      

Just Call Me Hef :             Clean It Up:           Smokin' In My Mom's Womb:      

Valentiney        Comedian On Vacation:           The Langston Christmas Letter:      

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   Songs From the CD "One Minute Song Volume 2"

Download the entire album (24 Songs!) for just $12.99!    


Two Thumbs Up:           Greatest Hits Of Big Mouth Billy Bass:          Monster Ash:      

My Magic Mask:         Queen Mum:          Enron:     

Eric Roberts:          C-I-N-C-O:          Reflections On Ted Williams:      

Montego Bay Airport:          Got Eggs:         What Would Jesus Eat:     

Equinox:          Mir:          I Hate Going Back To School:     

Jesse Ventura On Broadway:            Another White Christmas:            Happy Father's Day:      

Rock In the USA:          I Believe You Could Fry:           Thorpedo   

Happy Thanksgiving:          Naughty To the Bone:          Taboo:     

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   Songs From the CD "Sounds Like Fun"

Download the entire album (18 Songs!) for just $12.99!    


Really Safe Sex:            Meals On Wheels:           Joan Blunden:     

I Wanna Kiss Her:           E.R.:          In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blues:     

Safe In Nevada:           I Thank God For Credit:          It's Australia:     

Motel Sex:          I Don't Drink Anymore:           Piston Souvenirs:      

Let's Have A Drug-Free Christmas:           Denny's Angel:           Tim's Blues:      

Get Drunk With Dignity:          Sumo Wrestling:           Joan Blunden (Dance Mix ):     

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