Picklehead Music Presents:  Tim Cavanagh

This hilarious comedy-music artist started out many years ago on the Dr. Demento show with his classic parody '99 Dead Baboons' and never looked back. A Chicago-area native, Tim has toured just about everywhere, and has appeared on Comedy Central, Showtime, and even ABC TV. He appears on the Bob and Tom Radio Show, and writes for The Danny Bonaduce Radio Show. This is a talented man - and now he has put some of his funniest bits and songs on his CD, 'Sounds Like Fun.'  NINE songs off of this CD have been featured on the Dr. Demento Show. Wow! That's gotta be some kind of record. Ya gotta get some of this stuff!

Every Tim Cavanagh song is now available for Digital Download for just 89 per song!

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Love, Fish and Sausages (CD $12.95)--comedy music
Tim's best collection yet, with excellent production values and, of course, great stuff! 
Twenty-one songs in all!
titles: She Drove Me To Drinkin' * Glad A Lot * My Girlfriend Spontaneously Combusted * Ratzenberger's * Fish Cannery * Bluegrass * The Possum Song * Twenty-Three Seven * Sausage * Half This Song * Fake I.D. * Bobby's Chicken Shack * Faith Hill * Irish Lullaby * I Text My Ex * Things I Do While I Drive * Vehicle Man * My Lullaby-Bye *
Christmas Wrap *Worst Damn Birthday * My Dog Don't Like Christmas

Song Samples:   She Drove Me To Drinkin'    Fish Cannery    Vehicle Man

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The One Minute Song, Volume 2 (CD $12.95)--comedy music
Another  collection of goofy greats, as recorded on the Bob and Tom Show. 
Twenty-four songs in all!
titles: Two Thumbs Up * Greatest Hits Of Big Mouth Billy Bass * Monster Ash * My Magic Mask * Queen Mum * Enron * Eric Roberts * C-I-N-C-O * Reflections On Ted Williams * Montego Bay Airport * Got Eggs * What Would Jesus Eat * Equinox * Mir * I Hate Going Back To School * Jesse Ventura On Broadway * Another White Christmas * Happy Father's Day * Rock In the USA * I Believe You Could Fry * Thorpedo * Happy Thanksgiving * Naughty To the Bone * Taboo

Song Samples:   Two Thumbs Up    Reflections On Ted Williams    Another White Christmas

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The One Minute Song, Volume 1 (CD $12.95)--comedy music
An absolutely inspired collection of one-minute-or-less masterpieces, as recorded mostly on the Bob and Tom Show. Twenty-nine songs in all!
titles: Sosa * American Woman * Fry Up An Eagle * Go To Mass * Yellow Ex-Marine / This Song Blew / Dewey Dewey * Millionaire Rap * Super Bowl '99 * My Governor * Give Beef A Chance * 60 Second Home Run * 500 Miles * Yam Boy * Midnight Train * My Halloween Costume * 7 Second Songs * My Favorite Things * Thanks For the Seventy * Home Run # 65 * Some Weeks * 99 Dead Baboons * Petroleum * Viagra * The Bible Factory Outlet * Just Call Me Hef * Clean It Up * Smokin' In My Mom's Womb * Valentiney * Comedian On Vacation * The Langston Christmas Letter

Song Samples:   Fry Up An Eagle    Clean It Up    Petroleum

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Sounds Like Fun (CD $12.95)--comedy music  OUT OF PRINT (Available as a download only - click here)
titles: Really Safe Sex * Meals On Wheels * Joan Blunden * I Wanna Kiss Her * E.R. * In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blues * Safe In Nevada * I Thank God For Credit * It's Australia * Motel Sex * I Don't Drink Anymore * Piston Souvenirs * Let's Have A Drug-Free Christmas * Denny's Angel * Tim's Blues * Get Drunk With Dignity * Sumo Wrestling * 
Joan Blunden (Dance Mix )

Song Samples:   Really Safe Sex    I Wanna Kiss Her      Piston Souvenirs         Get Drunk With Dignity

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