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Ice crystals are forming on the cattails in the marshes that surround Big Babe Lake in northernmost Minnesota. It's the Christmas season, the jolliest time of year, and Buck Peterson, master-guide-to-all-that-is-wild, breaks open the breech that brings bounty to the table and calls his feathered friends home for the holidays. One of the pleasures of staying at Buck's Lodge during this time of year is sitting on the festooned log deck with a frosty mug of spiked egg nog and listening to Buck's Ducks, a traditional seasonal gathering of the master naturalist's little duck billed buddies.
With this original and evocative Christmas album, Bucksters are invited to enjoy the songs of the season by Buck's alpha ducks, Biff and Eddy, and the Big Babe Lake Brass and Bong Ensemble,
recorded live down in the duckblind.

Classic Christmas Songs (CD $12.95)--Christmas favorites sung by ducks!
titles: Quacking of the Bells * Blown Away from the Manger * The Nutscracker Suite * O Little Town of Bedlam * Hunter's Holy Night *
Jangled Bells * Joy to the Chase * Wailin' Hallelujah Chorus * It Came Around About a Midnight Clear * Silent but Deadly Night

Song Samples (MP3):

Quacking Of the Bells         Blown Away From the Manger         Hunter's Holy Night

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