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NEW!  Old Friends

Ragtime Piano (1973 - London, England)     Previously Unreleased Tracks     The Cat's Meow    

The Music Of the Man      This Sporting Life       Words and Music    Old Chestnuts & Rare Treats


EXCLUSIVE! "Old Friends"

Download the entire album (15 Songs) for just $12.99!    


All That I Ask Is Love:           Sierra Sue:             Any Time:       

Home In Pasadena:             Somebody Stole My Gal:             Blue:       

Moonlight:             Someday Sweetheart:             Mexicali Rose:       

Ukie's Tune:             The Sunshine Of Your Smile:            Old Friends      

Maple Leaf Rag:         The Digah's Dream:         The Charleston:      


EXCLUSIVE! "Ragtime Piano (1973 - London, England)"

Download the entire album (11 Songs) for just $8.99!    


At A Georgia Camp Meeting:            Calliope Rag:             Summer Afternoon:       

Hors D'Oeuvres:             Tommy Atkins - His Rag:             Les Temps Du Chiffon:       

Knickerbockers:             The Entertainer:             Maple Leaf Rag:       

Peaceful Henry:             The Digah's Dream:       


EXCLUSIVE!  Smoke That Pipe! (Ian's first RAP recording!)     

"Cat's Meow"
Download the entire album (25 Songs!) for just $17.99!    


Me-Ow!:            You're In Style When You're Wearing A Smile:             Alice Blue Gown:       

Shine:             Bimini Bay:             I Aint Got Nobody:       

Pretty Baby:             Dapper Dan:            Poor Butterfly:       

I'll Stand Beneath Your Window (And Whistle):             Wonderful One:             Margie:       

Any Place I Make Money (Is Home Sweet Home To Me):             All By Myself (Regina Whitcomb):            

The Sheik Of Araby:             I Was A Fool:             The Darktown Strutters' Ball:            

The Candyland Christmas Ball:             Lonely (Regina Whitcomb):              

When You're There (Regina Whitcomb):                Do I Love You? Yes I Do!:            Down On the Farm:            

Hello! Good Morning! And How Do You Do?  (Fred Sokolow):           

Same As Ever:             Same As Ever (Instrumental):        

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EXCLUSIVE! "The Music Of the Man"
Download the entire album (26 Songs!) for just $17.99!    


Time And Again:            Viva Regina:             One And One Makes One:       

Dancing Partners:             Old Pal/Mon Ami Perdu:             Wigwam Wig Walk:       

Lawns Of Louisiana:             Rolling With the Quake:             My Garden:       

Tango Of the Bears:             Lotusland:             Wildcroft Manor:       

Dreams Of Old LA:             You're the One:             Wa-Wa Watusi:       

Our House:             At the Masked Ball:             Foxing the Goose:       

Unrequited:               Restless:             Sultry Nights:       

Marzipan:             The Beckoning Fairground:            The Windmill Waltz:       

Montmartre:             Le Temps Du Chiffon:       

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EXCLUSIVE! "This Sporting Life"
Download the entire album (26 Songs!) for just $17.99!    


This Sporting Life:            Soho:             Boney Maronie:       

Dance Again:             Turn On Song:             You Turn Me On:       

Be My Baby:             That Is Rock n' Roll:             N-N-Nervous:       

Good Hard Rock:             Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night?:       

Poor Little Bird:             Your Baby Has Gone Down the Plug-Hole:            Louie Louie:       

Lover's Prayer:             The Naked Ape:             Kingfish Of the Loving Pack:       

Life Has No Reason:            Sally Sails the Sky:             The Notable Yacht Club Of Staines:       

The Star:             When Rock n' Roll Was Young:            Oh! Pretty Woman:       

Rolling With the Quake:             Rocking the Baby To Sleep:          

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"Words and Music" (1967-2005)
Download the entire album (26 Songs!) for just $17.99!    


Down On the Farm:            I've Been Ill:             Don't Trust Your Heart:       

Rough Trade:             Old Friends:             My Confession:       

Hush My Heart:             Ukulele Heaven:             Goodbye, Old Boy:       

The Uke Is On the March:             Will I Feel Like A Fool?:       

When You're There:             Trottin' At the Troc:            Lonely :       

Corn Husk:             Same As Ever:            Dancing Partners:       

My Garden:            One & One:            Windmill Waltz :       

Mystery Riders:             You're the One:           Time and Again:       

Our House:             Restless:           My Pal:       

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"Old Chestnuts & Rare Treats" (1905-1930)
Download the entire album (26 Songs!) for just $17.99!    


Steppin' Out:            I Want A Girl:             Mandy, How Do You Do?:       

She Knows It:             A Lemon In the Garden Of Love:             America, I Love You:       

Robinson Crusoe's Isle:             Bright Eyes:             M-O-T-H-E-R:       

I Used To Love You:             Homesick:       

A Precious Little Thing Called Love:             Melancholy:            Rosy Cheeks:       

I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In:             Emma Louise:            She Lives Down In Our Alley:       

Roses Of Picardy:             Oh, You Beautiful Doll:            I've Got My Eye On You:       

What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?:             Where the Black-Eyed Susans Grow:       

Dream Train:                          For Me and My Gal:       

Someday Somebody's Gonna Get You:                     Till We Meet Again:          


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