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Jazz Newsletter
August Edition 2001

One of my projects in the next few weeks is to get a lot more music into our jazz library. It will be the older stuff. I'll be writing more about it in the next newsletter or two. For now I talked to a contemporary jazz artist who will be in our lineup soon. His name is Steve Glotzer, and he came out with his debut CD as a one-man act (with some help from others on a few tracks) titled Life Imitates Art. Released in 2000 on Six String Records (his label www.sixstringrecords.com), this Brooklyn, New York native shows his transplanted roots to the southwestern part of the United States have taken hold. For over 20 years, Glotzer has been living in Colorado where he plays at local festivals, college campuses, small theaters and other intimate venues. Appropriate since his CD is a mellow mixture of Latin, jazz and folk music. I can definitely see him playing for an attentive, hushed audience in a small club."Borrowed Time was the first real band," he says, talking about his first band in Colorado. "We did opening gigs Our sound had a very Allman Brothers feel. We opened for Blues Traveler before they were huge." Other big names they opened for were Commander Cody and for Mitch Ryder from the Detroit Wheels.After the rock-n-roll sound of Borrowed Time, Glotzer and Jimmy Sferes left the band to form the jazz, folk, and blues sound of Acoustic Food Chain. Again, they opened for other acts like Larry Coryell, Richard Elliot, and more. "We toured the country with the release of our self titled CD (released 1996)," he explains. They appeared at festivals like the Boulder Blues Festival, Octoberfest in Kansas and the Tucson Folk Festival."I am a solo act," Glotzer explains about his current status, "although I do sometimes perform with a bass and percussion. I am a regular at the Tuscon Folk Festival, probably 'cause I wrote a song about my experience there."Tucson is on Life Imitates Art. Another song is the Tom Waits' tune Diamonds on My Windshield. "I saw him many years ago in a small Manhattan, New York club. His opening number was Diamonds.. Amazing!" Only a few tracks have vocals. There is a Latin sound on songs like Los Cabos Serenade, a folksy feel in Tucson and a smooth jazz quality in Steve's Blues. Life Imitates Art is good music when you need some downtime. Check out Glotzer's web site at www.steveglotzer.com where you can purchase this CD.

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