"Lately" CD by Steve Glotzer

On "Lately," Steve Glotzer's follow up to his debut release Life Imitates Art, Steve continues his exploration of fo'bop, a folk/jazz melange featuring breezy sambas, jazz influenced sophisticated urban blues, and compelling folk/rock songs. Add to the mix a number of tracks highlighting Steve's warm and heartfelt vocals...and as always, his melodic, relaxed and engaging guitar, the common thread that ties it all together.


"Steve offers the listener a world tour of guitar styles from sambas to jazz, blues to classical, bebop to folk, and almost everything between..."

Frank Rubalino, Cadence Creative Music 


Change Your Mind * Samba Says * Too Loose * Lately * Walk Away * 
El Ciudad De Suenos * Ocean Ave * Song For Jane * Mr Phelps I Presume * Bailar Conmigo * 
As the Crow Flies * Make Up Your Mind * Lost In Love

Audio Samples:

Change Your Mind     Samba Says      Too Loose 

Lately     El Ciudad De Suenos

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