Faust & Lewis DVD's!  

In nineteen years of performing and writing together, Faust & Lewis left us lots of great stuff,
appearing on I-Pods and music players all over the world.

But they also did a LOT of great shows over the years, complete with their own unique brand of goofiness, spontaneity, and great original songs.
But there has never been any DVD's of their show available.

Yep, since Faust & Lewis are once again on hiatus, maybe forever this time, we at Picklehead Music figured that some of you are suffering withdrawal symptoms,
especially those of you who really missed them during the summer at Put-In-Bay.

So we went through the archives and put together TWO full length DVD's of their show, each recorded live at The Beer Barrel Saloon in Put-In-Bay, Ohio,
a place where they had so many great performances, often in front of 3000 people.

The first DVD is from a Saturday night in July of 2001, during one of their final shows together before the big split.
This show features all the raucous enthusiasm that always happened on weekends when they opened for Pat Dailey.

The second DVD is from a great Tuesday afternoon in August of 2009, during their 4 year run of reunion shows.
Since it's an afternoon show and there was a lot more time to work with, this DVD features more of their trademark patter and relaxed, hilarious comedy.

Both these DVD's are now available ONLY AT PICKLEHEAD.
And you can even get a SPECIAL DEAL if you buy them both!
So here they are!!

Filmed during a hot Saturday night in July on Put-In-Bay in front of 3000 people!
(DVD - Running time 1:31 - $19.95)

The Dennis Rodman Song * Votes In Florida * Jet Express Jane * Save the Beer * Smooth * The Unicorn Song * Straight Guys In the Keys *
Really Dumb Deer * Beer Gut Guys * Beverly Hillbillies Medley * Stairway To Heaven On the Banjo *
The Banjo Went Down To Georgia * Chinese Toast * How Can I Say I Love You * Desperado *
The Modell Mash * Life's Gonna Suck * Bald Guys * Hung From the Ceiling * The Rodeo Song (Full Version) *
Hang On Sloopy Medley

  Watch excerpts on YouTube!   The Modell Mash    Stairway To Heaven On the Banjo

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Filmed on a Tuesday afternoon at the Beer Barrel, complete with LOTS of hilarious patter and spontaneity!
(DVD - Running time 1:41 - $19.95)

L.A.P.D. Song * Harvey and Sheilah * Wayne The History Guy * Finding Dates For Norm and Ted * Bay Cart Derby *
Frank Manello and the Lobster * The Older We Get (The Better We Used To Be) *
One Ton Tomata * The Freckles Song * Cheese Balls * Mushroom Joke * Mac the Knife * Drink While We Work *
Polkas * Romanian Gymnast Waitress * Rocky Top * North/South/Detroit Clapping * Beverly Hillbillies Medley *
Batman * Cinderella Goes To Put-In-Bay * Subliminal Album Promo * Pink Panther Sax Medley *
My Dingaling * Life's Gonna Suck * Paranoid Flaming Heterosexuals *
My Father's Not the President * Dueling Banjos * Testosterone * Save the Beer

   Watch excerpts on YouTube!   Cinderella Goes To Put-In-Bay     Save the Beer
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