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In fifteen years of performing and writing together, Faust & Lewis left us lots of great stuff,
appearing on I-Pods and music players all over the world.
And now you can get all of their music, INCLUDING SOME RARE, OUT OF PRINT RECORDINGS, right here at Picklehead!

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NEW!   We're On Vacation!

Previously Unreleased Topical Songs

Classy Trash             Back To the Bay           Live At Put-In-Bay         We Must Be Crazy   

Goofballs In Paradise           Powder Party          Sell Out        Men With Toys


    We're On Vacation!

Faust & Lewis split up in 2001.
In the summer of 2008, they did a legendary reunion at the Beer Barrel Saloon in Put-In-Bay, Ohio. They had such a good time that they decided to work together again on a limited basis. What does that mean? They are back to performing every summer at the Beer Barrel Saloon.
During the winter of 2008-2009, they recorded their first new album in eight years.
It includes fifteen great songs, recorded at Picklehead Studios and live at the Beer Barrel.
There are 13 new songs, featuring their trademark wit, and also two new and improved remakes of previous Faust & Lewis tunes.
Don't miss this one, because it might not happen again!!

Download the entire album (15 tracks) for $10    

We're On Vacation:             Testosterone:        Jerry Williams Said:            

Bay Cart Derby:             Little Island On A Great Big Lake:       

Cover Of the Field and Stream:            Barnyard Animals:       

Eatin' On the Road:            The Older We Get (The Better We Used To Be):       

Powerboat Detective:               Cockroaches On Parade:       

Here Comes Da Spam:            Desperado:       

Orange Blossom Special:              RV Song Revisited:       

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Previously Unreleased Topical Songs From Faust & Lewis

We went through our collection of Faust & Lewis tracks, and came up with a whole bunch of great topical songs, well-recorded, that never made it onto any of their albums.
But now, thanks to digital technology, we can make them available right here. It's a hilarious trip down memory lane.
Some of the songs were recorded at their live show at Sloppy Joe's in Key West.
Check out the song samples below, and we think you'll want to get some of this before the Smithsonian finds out!

Download all 14 tracks for just $8.99!    

12 Days Of Campaigning - 1988:             Gary Hart - 1988:       

Slick Willie - 1992:             The GOP Is Marching In - 1992:             Oh Teddy Boy - 1992:       

Colorado Rockies Baseball Song - 1992:       

The New Denver Airport - 1993:       

Woodstock 25th Anniversary - 1994:       

Mickey Mantle - 1995:              Hugh Grant - 1995:       

OJ Every Day - 1996:             Kato Kaelin - 1996:             Lance Ito - 1996:       

   Broncos Super Bowl - 1998:       

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   Songs From the CD "Classy Trash"  (1999)
Download the entire album for just $10!    



Acapella:             Onetontomata:             Life's Gonna Suck:       

Mad Cow:            Save the Beer:             Winnebago:       

Beer Gut Guys:             Big Money:            Graduation Day:       

Hard Drive:             Cabo Wabo:            Sex Ed 101:       

Sheep From Oklahoma:            Net Girl:            The Doctor Song:       

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   Songs From the CD "Back To the Bay"  (2001)

Download the entire album for just $10!    


Men Of the Future      Does This Mean You Don't Love Me Any More?:       

Drivin' In My Car and Talkin' On the Phone:          Bay Cart Derby:     

Jet Express Jane:          Hippies In the Old Folks Home:     

The Banjo Went Down To Georgia:          The Modell Mash:     

Baloney and Buzzards (The Hinckley Tavern Song ):          Viagra In the Summertime:     

Deja Vu:          Barnyard Animals:         A Really Dumb Deer:    

 The Unicorn Song:       Mr. Golf:       Smooth:     

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   Songs From the CD "Live At Put-In-Bay"  (1997)

Download the entire album for just $10!     
A good representation of the WILD live Faust & Lewis show)


Rigoletto De Spic n' Span:          Save The Beer:        Big John Bobbitt:     

Cinderella Goes To Put-In-Bay:         Harvey And Sheila:          Route 66:       

Hung From The Ceiling:           Straight Guys In The Keys:          New Jersey Sound Of Mafia:    

El Virus:           Dueling Banjos:          Drunken Sailor:           Volcano:    

Those Were The Days:     

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   Songs From the CD "We Must Be Crazy"  (1995)

Download the entire album for just $10!  


Bald Guys:            I'm Schizophrenic:            Hyphenation:      

White Meat:           Third World Flying:          Poultry Song:      

  Blind Date:           Huge Fake Breasts:           Crash Test Dummies:      

Blame It On The Band:           My First Drink:           The Mounty And The Moose:      

Been There, Done That:             Lots Of Things Rhyme With Duck :           Politically Correct Song:         

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   Songs From the Cassette "Goofballs In Paradise"  A FAUST & LEWIS CLASSIC!

Their trashiest album (thanks to the Rodeo Song!) with a lot of island memories,
as half of this album was recorded live at Sloppy Joe¹s in Key West!

Download the entire album for just $9.99!  


Goofballs In Paradise:            The RV Song:            Hyphenation:        

A Really Dirty Song:          I Gave Her The Ring:           The Weather Song:      

Bernstein & Gomez:           Paranoid Flaming Heterosexuals:           I'm Schizophrenic:     

Rocky Top:            Richard Simmons Goes To The Islands:          The Rodeo Song:         

The Auctioneer:            The Hawaiian War Chant:     

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    Songs From the Cassette "Powder Party"
The Wild and Wacky Ski Album

For those snow skiers and boarders who have taken one too many head plants - a truly unique and fun album.


Download the entire album for just $9.99!  


Skiing Bums #1:           Powder Party:            Alabama Skier:        

Skiing Bums #2:             Terrified Skiers on the Bunny Slopes:             The Ski Line Song:           

Skiing Bums #3:              Psycho Skier:                Snowball:          

Skiing Bums #4:           Simon & Skifinkle:            Skiing the United States:      

The Blue Square:            Skiing Bums #5:                     I Lika Da Snow:      

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    Songs From the Cassette "Sell Out"

Faust & Lewis Sell Out 
Lots of the crazy, commercial parodies that Faust & Lewis did at their show over the years -- and then some!
Twenty-nine cuts in all!


Download the entire album for just $9.99!  

Sax, Sax, and More Sax:           Marion Barry #1:           John Denver For Pepto Bismol:      

Gene Kelly For Greenpeace:                      Kenny Rogers For Playtex:          

Dean Martin For Skin Diver Magazine:                 Julio Iglesias For Montana Tourism:      

The Beatles For Live Aid:              Peter, Paul, and Mary For The Breeder's Cup:      

Wayne Faust For Rogaine:            Pee Wee #1:         

The Mormon Tabernacle for A T & T:             Willie Nelson For A T & T:      

The Nixon Watergate Tape:            Faust & Lewis For Ace Filing Cabinets:      

The US Post Office:            Simon & Garfunkel For the LAPD:      

Gene Autry For the NFL:             Paul McCartney For Smith & Wesson:      

Neil Young For Kotex:              Willie Nelson For the IRS:      

Marion Barry # 2:             Morris Albert For the US Ski Association:      

The Eagles For the S&L Bailout:            Pee Wee #2:      

Don McClean For Dr Scholl's:              Simon & Garfunkel For the US Ski Team:      

A David Duke Christmas:             The Kennedys Song:      

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Songs From the Cassette "Men With Toys"  (The 1st Ever Faust & Lewis Album)

This one's been long out of print, but we've gathered the cuts that don't appear on any other album, and made them available here!
This is a rare glimpse into the beginnings of a legendary duo.

DIGITALLY RE-MASTERED FOR BETTER SOUND (Or at least as good as we could make twenty-year old recordings!)

Hand Dryer:               I Ate A Raisin:      

He Liked To Watch (The Jimmy Swaggart Song):              Spuds:      

Vasectomy:             Tequila (Recorded live at Sloppy Joe's):          

Volcano (Recorded live at Sloppy Joe's):      

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