They were referred to a "The Smothers Brothers Of The New Millenium" and "The Greatest Comedy Music Duo In America."
Wayne Faust and Rusty Lewis refused to argue, being the professionals they were!

Wayne and Rusty first hooked up in Breckenridge Colorado in 1987. Rusty, playing a trashy solo show at the time, heard an ad on the radio that some guy was playing at the Briar Rose who called himself "Dr Class And Mr. Trash." Intrigued, he stopped by, sat in and sang a couple of classic Dr. Demento hits such as "I Want To Kiss Her But...She Won't Let Me" and "My Wife Left Town With A Banana." The rest is history.

From the very inception of Faust And Lewis, the duo was wildly popular. A little background on the guys:

Wayne Faust is a guitarist, singer-songwriter from Chicago.  He lived and worked in California for six years in the 1980's and then moved to Evergreen, Colorado. His career has spanned everything from working in Las Vegas with Jan Chamberlain Rooney (Mickey Rooney's wife), to winning awards at the Music City Song Festival in Nashville. He brings his quick wit and easygoing style to the stage, and delights audiences with his original novelty songs and hand-clappin' banjo numbers.

Rusty Lewis is originally from San Diego and has played in more rock-n-roll bands than he wants to admit. Despondent over disco and sad to see New Wave go, he moved to Colorado to do what he does best - play trash! He eventually moved to Oregon to windsurf and, after the split-up of Faust & Lewis, to generally retire and enjoy life. He adds to the show his bawdy parodies of popular songs and his musical versatility, with piano, synthesizer, tenor sax, and flute.

In their fifteen year career, Faust and Lewis played the big apres-ski venues at Copper Mountain and Breckenridge, Colorado during the ski season. Then they would head down to Key West, Florida every year for a warm-up. The action was downright hot at the World-Famous Sloppy Joe's Bar, where they entertained every April, and for Fantasy Fest in October, until their split in 2001. They also performed every July at The Beer Barrel Saloon in Put-In-Bay, Ohio, an island on Lake Erie which attracts power boaters from all over the Mid-west. The Beer Barrel is listed in the Guiness Book Of World Records as having "The World's Longest Bar," and crowds for the show on weekends often exceed 3000 revelers.

As if life as touring, balding rock stars wasn't busy enough, Wayne and Rusty founded Picklehead Music, a company dedicated to promoting Comedy Music throughout the world. They were also frequent guests on radio shows such as KOA 850 AM in Denver, which reaches 38 states. Dr. Demento played many of their songs, with their two hits "Bald Guys" and "Save The Beer" often hitting the Top Funny Five. Both were included in Dr. Demento's "Best Of" CDs.

In 2008, after a 7 year hiatus, Wayne and Rusty decided to bring the act together again for 4 big weeks at the site of some of their biggest shows - The Beer Barrel Saloon in Put-In-Bay.
They had so much fun doing that in 2008, that they decided to do it again in the summer of 2009.
They even got together and recorded a brand new album that winter in the Picklehead Music Studios in Colorado.
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They performed again in Put-In-Bay for the summers of 2010 and 2011.
They are not scheduled there for the summer of 2012 and there are no immediate plans to perform together again.

For more information, contact Faust And Lewis or Wayne Faust at:

Picklehead Music
Box 2211
Evergreen CO 80437

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