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This year, some of us at the Picklehead Mansion took a trip to the Mile-Hi Con in Denver. In case you don't know, Mile-Hi Con is a gathering of Sci-Fi fans, and yes, it attracts geeks and strange people from all over the country. But it also hires some unusual and funny music acts to perform. So that's where we discovered Odd Austin.
Just 17 years old, he writes some amazingly clever and funny songs. And he grabbed our attention right away, so we decided to make him an official Picklehead.
Hailed my many as the Weird Al for the next generation, Austin has been played on The Dr. Demento Show, The Mad Music Show, The Mad Music Dementia Top 20,
Kahn Manís Comedy Corner, and countless others. He even wrote the official theme song for the nerdcore music festival: Nerdapalooza.
So if you're in grammar school, high school, college, or just into funny parodies and hilarious songs, check this guy out!

 Odd Austin - Wrong Side of the Bed


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   Songs From Odd Austin "Wrong Side of the Bed"
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 Atari:             Filler Song:     

Old People:          Pizza Guy:     

Ridiculous Girl:                   Tom:     

Kenmore Fridge:               I Wanna B Yo President:     

Batman:           Roach Problem:     

That 70's Song:         Zombie Island: