Picklehead Music® Presents: The Edlos

The Edlos

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The Edlos - Excellence In Acappella Music!

A perfect addition to the Picklehead Music "Variety" section. The EDLOS are one of the best acappella groups we have ever encountered. They have an absolutely stunning ability to perform instrument and rhythm sounds using only their natural voices. Add that to great vocalizing and harmonizing and you have a most enjoyable CD!

Just Us (CD $14.95)--acappella music
titles: Acappellypso * You * What A Surprise * Freedomsong * Our Home * Ascending Star of Bethlehem * For Daddy * Paper * Garbage Man * The IRS Blues * Down at the Mall * Kitty's Quake * Late Nightmare * The Dream

Song Samples (G2 Real Audio): Acappellypso* Garbage Man * Down At The Mall

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