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Chris Baker and the Smokin' Voodoo Playboys
Chris has been a very funny radio personality all over the U.S. for a long time now. He finally gathered some of his best comedy bits and songs and put them onto one long CD called 'Better Late Than Never,' a very appropriate title if we must say so ourselves. This is a fine mix of radio comedy and funny music and had us laughing here at Picklehead. We think you'll love it too.


Better Late Than Never (CD $12.95)--comedy radio skits and comedy music
titles: Bad Place To Break Up, Network TV #1, Dr. Dora, Things Can Always Change, Absolute #1, Every FM Morning Radio Show, Satan's Press Conference, Power Of Cheese, If Life Was Like A Soap Opera #1, Chinese Influence?, Pet Kosovar, Elian Sings!, Network TV #2, Absolute #2, Machismo, All About Joe, The Holistic Health and Harmony Show, Network TV #3, Paigra

Song Samples (MP3):

Bad Place To Break Up   Pet Kosovar    Every FM Morning Radio Show

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