Picklehead Music® Presents: 2 Brothers and a Brotha'

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2 Brothers and a Brotha'   Funny, revolutionary rap music!

We received one of these CD's in the mail here at the Picklehead Mansion and we were very impressed! Not only do these guys stand political correctness on its head, but they have a lot of very funny things to say, especially about race and stereotyping. Check out some of the song samples and we think you'll agree that these guys are a hot new act that needs to be heard.

Stereotyped (CD $14.95)--comedy music and rap
Titles: Intro * Stereotyped * Mission: Conquest * Electric Nerd * Black Shoes, White Socks *
Dimepiece Rescue * Risky Business * Life Of A Gangsta * Unplanned Tragedy * Swamp Ass *
Fried Chicken * Fantasy * Outro

Song Samples (MP3): Stereotyped       Electric Nerd         Life Of A Gangsta

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