The Housewives' Photo Gallery.
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Pic#1: Housewive Hope Juber appearing on the original Brady Bunch
with a frog on her head. She looks happy doesn't she?

Pic#2: Is it the Housewives or a whole bunch of Marilyn Monroes?

Pic#3: Showing off the domestic tools that made them famous.

Pic#4: Imagine one of these gals cooking you dinner every night!

Pic#5: Rockin' Housewives on stage.

Pic#6: Is it just us, or is there something wildly attractive about these Housewives?

Pic#7: It's the opening picture, but now in living color!

hw_8.gif (59507 bytes)Pic#8: "Ironing Bored!"

Pic#9: It's times like this when it just great to be a Housewife!

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