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Who Is Dr Elmo???

There's something special about a Dr. Elmo song.... something not entirely different from the ping in your engine that your mechanic can't fix, the funny little ache that your doctor can't diagnose, or the weird computer virus that
prints "Howdy Pardner" on all your monthly sales reports.

Known throughout the world for his Christmas classic, "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer," it is indeed the good Dr. Elmo who has infested our brains and invaded our hearts. His off-kilter music sneaks up behind us and -
when we least expect it - plants a big, goofy grin on our 
all-too-serious faces.

Despite all your highbrow intentions, you, too, will find yourself among millions who secretly subscribe to the twisted and infinitely amusing universe inhabited by alter ego of Elmo Shropshire, D.V. M.

What could lead a mild-mannered San Francisco veterinarian to such diversion? His Kentucky horse trainer birthright? His years in Florida as a racetrack jockey? His move to California with a banjo on his knee? He runs long distance. He is heard on the radio. He talks to animals and they are attuned to his wavelength. All else is mystery.

Love, Death and Taxes. Dr. Elmo knows the answer to the meaning of life, and it is simple: Vets just want to have fun.

You are about to enter the Elmo Zone, as have many before you. Sneak out on the highway, roll up the car windows, turn up the volume, and sing along in your loudest voice. You'll feel better. Really.

Quotes Of Note
What People Are Saying About Dr. Elmo

You know the song, now book the act!
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Larkspur, CA 94977-0724

What People Are Saying About Dr. Elmo

"As our list of best-selling Yuletide tunes proves, not all is sentiment and Currier and Ives...Sliding into the top 10 is the inimitable Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. On Dasher! On Blitzen! On Elmo!"....People Magazine

"When it comes time for Christmas in the record racks, Bing Crosby has to watch out for Elmo...a counter-culture favorite. He and Grandma have earned their niche in Christmas history...More than merely humor, Elmo has a chance to stand for Christmas itself." ... CNN News

"Every year I swear I'm not goint to play Grandma again, and every year it's my most requested song!"...Dr Demento in Vogue Magazine

"For the third consecutive year, Elmo's novelty hit Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer has nosed out Bing Crosby's classic White Christmas as the season's most popular Christmas single...Billboard Magazine

"Now we move on to the novelty song of the year...and it's not White Christmas--It's Grandma...Elmo, do you have any other unusual things in your repertoire?"...Bryant Gumbel, The Today Show

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